Wednesday, May 6, 2009

A WASP in my Scales?

Help, Waiter! There's a WASP in my Scales
I know he's small and, well, sort of helpless. I know better. He only looks helpless because he's behind glass. The glass of my food scales for heaven's sake. I managed to spend [PatSpeak: waste] a good half an hour watching him crawl all over the place this morning.

Then TheBigGuy came along to see what had caught and actually held my attention for so long, and without a "sorry little guy" warning, pressed down on the scales causing the measuring arm to swing over, something like a windshield wiper blade, and the thing disappeared. 

I think I can see a wing still clinging to the arm. And happy to have been of great help, TBG was gone, leaving me to ponder this: Where has TLG gone? And will I ever be able to weigh ingredients without a thought about his body lying somewhere in the lower mechanism of the scales. And then, are the scales now accurate? or should I be allowing for TLG's bodyweight? But how to calculate the loss of his weight over time as he dries up and turns to dust?
These are the deeper questions that arise in the life of a foodie.

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