Wednesday, April 6, 2011

New Book by Pat Crocker and Nettie Cronish

Everyday Flexitarian Available in Stores- First Canadian flexitarian cookbook hits the shelves.

Feed vegetarians and meat-eaters with one recipe, master new ingredients and techniques, learn how to reduce your meat intake without suffering. Engage in tolerance in the kitchen. The Everyday Flexitarian cookbook by Nettie Cronish and Pat Crocker shows you how to do all that and start enjoying mealtime again.

Try the Buddha Dragon Bowl (with lemongrass and rice noodles or add broiled shrimps) and the Lentil Mushroom Moussaka (with baked salmon) and finish the meal with Ancho Chile Cranberry Brownies. The book is a must-have for families choosing to embrace a healthier and more sustainable diet.


All photographs and recipes are original and copyrighted to Pat Crocker. Pat invites you to use her recipes and share with family and friends. Please contact Pat Crocker for express permission for commercial, internet, or other use of her photographs and recipes.