Saturday, February 2, 2013

The Perfect Garlic Press

I love it when designers get it right! And the designers at Dreamfarm get it right most of the time.
Now they've designed what I consider to be the perfect garlic press and they cleverly call it Garject.
I love Garject. Clever name too: it's a garlic gadget that ejects the skin...

I love Garject because it works. We eat a lot of garlic. Who wouldn't if they knew all the health benefits it provides? So I've tested and destroyed a lot of garlic presses over the years– one literally fell apart in two perfect pieces the first time I test-pressed it!

Garject is heavy-duty and strong enough to hold and squish Simon's (my local organic garlic grower) fresh organic garlic cloves. Here's what it does:
presses unpeeled garlic
scrapes itself clean
ejects the peel

In fact, the peel comes shooting out like a bullet. So have the composting bin ready!
Best (well not best, but up there) of all? It rinses clean and is dishwasher safe.

Now that's a new spin on an essential tool.
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  1. Oooo I need a need garlic press! Good share! thanks! xx

    1. For all the lame presses I've bought, I think this one will be worth it. Let's hope it will stand up over time and prove to be my last buy. The only other press that comes close is the OXO heavy-duty one. p

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  3. Garlic press can a grater be used instead of the press



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