Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Inside Pat's Work as Food Writer


For a woman who specializes in canning and preserving, Pat Crocker is poetically named. Hertome, Preserving (now on sale) is the most complete—and beautiful—cookbook on canning, freezing and jarring you will ever need. Suitable for both novice and experiences canners, this cookbook not only helps you create your preserves, but then offers dozens of delicious recipes in which you can use your canned fruits and veggies! We invited Pat to answer a few questions about her food life and likes. Click over to this past blog post to get a feel for the book and see some of the beautiful color spreads, but in the meantime, get to know Pat!
 Mission:  Write with insight and experience, cook with playful abandon, eat with gusto.  
More on Pat Crocker and her cooking/food/life's work, click here...

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