Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Taste Canada Announces Book Awards

Taste Canada Nominees for Food Writing Awards 2012
The long list of nominees for Taste Canada's Food Writing Awards in the Single-Subject Cookbooks category have been announced and three (!!) books by Pat Crocker including one co-authored by Nettie Cronish are among the fifteen nominations.

Some information about the Taste Canada Awards:

Taste Canada — The Food Writing Awards is an evolution of the former Canadian Culinary Book Awards.

These newly branded annual Awards will continue to recognize and celebrate superior writing and publishing throughout Canada’s culinary world, both English and French, while acknowledging and respecting the authority and history of the original Awards.

Winning authors and their publishers will receive recognition through:

  • media outreach
  • marketing partnerships with Canadian publishers
  • a paid Awards event in November 2012
  • a trophy to commemorate winning a Gold Award
  • our ongoing partnerships with Canadian media outlets, retailers, and sponsors, along with Taste Canada sticker templates for the winning books

To view all of the nominees in the Single-Subject Cookbooks category, click here.
The short list of books for the Awards will be announced on August 1, 2012, so stay connected right to this blog and I will bring you all the news.

Meanwhile, if you are are a culinary professional and interested in joining Cuisine Canada, go here.

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