Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Thanks for voting-
I made it through the first challenge, but found myself spouting and demonstrating about the Stinking Rose, at the Hudson Valley Garlic Festival, where over 40,000 people enjoyed the hot autumn days in Saugerties NY.
So I missed the 3pm deadline on Monday to post my 'Classic from another Culture' challenge, and am out of the running. I had a Moroccan Tagine using saffron and dates lined up for this challenge and so this recipe will find its way into my next book..

Thanks to all who voted for me.

You can still vote for other great food blogs. See all the contestants for Challenge #2. And vote for your favourite!
For this challenge, my vote went to bellalimento, let me know who you like in this round.
see you at the festival in November, pat

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