Wednesday, August 4, 2010

New Book by Pat Crocker

Yogurt Bible Makes Its Debut
It's secret was discovered perhaps by ancient nomadic cultures or shepherds of long long ago. It was the topic of intense scrutiny in the 20th century, when a Nobel Prize-winning Russian biologist, Ilya Ilyich (Elie) Mechnikov (Metchnikoff) formulated the theory that it held the key to longevity. Now, science has shown that 'friendly' bacteria in yogurt actually helps humans to digest their food, improves nutrient and mineral (especially calcium) absorption, boosts the body's natural defenses and fights off harmful bacteria.

Pat Crocker's new book, The Yogurt Bible explores the science and the art of YOGURT. With over 200 recipes, this is a book for people who wish to learn how to make their own yogurt. It's a book for yogurt lovers who want to incorporate it into the foods they love to cook and eat. It's a health book, a how-to book and a cookbook filled with original recipes by Pat Crocker.

Learn more about this exciting new book, just released by Robert Rose, Publisher.

Tell me about your yogurt stories. I want to hear all about your adventures with making, eating or cooking with yogurt: The good and the bad! All stories are welcome.

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