Wednesday, November 11, 2009


It was a foodie frenzie! It was a culinary herbalist's heaven! It was the first Foodbuzz Festival in San Francisco, and I am just back and filled to the brim with good food, great memories and contacts to fabulous new foodie friends.
So for the rest of the month of November, I would like to dedicate this blog to Foodbuzz and all of their sponsors, who provided an absolutely outstanding festival.
The pict on my banner above was taken with a long exposure and no tripod, but I really liked the dreamy lights and the clouds and the blaze of orange off the building--sort of a symbol for the experience. The shot is from the outdoor rooftop of Hotel Vitale, which was the first event in our whirlwind weekend. Cocktails by MIDI and drinks by SKYY, the mood was perfect.
Our stay at the Galleria Park Hotel was divine, a perfect boutique hotel for the perfect weekend.


  1. Ohhhhh...memories! Sounds like you had the time of your life! Love the pic of the bridge! I bet you have lots more fab photos. I'd love to see some more!



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